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Dr. Tushar Hegde receiving Award - Mangalore - 2010
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Dr. Tushar HegdeDr. Tushar M. Hegde has graduated from SDM College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Dharwad affiliated to Karnataka University which is one of the premier Dental Institutes in India. He pursued his post graduation in Orthodontics from the same college where he had the privilege of studying under stalwarts like Dr. Vijay P. Jayade and Dr. Vinod Verma - both renowned personalities in the field of Orthodontics in India. He had many distinctions and laurels to his credit during his academic career such as standing first in Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in the final year post graduation exams held in March 2002.

Dr. Tushar M. Hegde is a full-time clinician and is a consultant to various esteemed hospitals and clinics in Mumbai. He is the Director of Locus Lingual Orthodontic Training Institute, which is one of the First such institute in India which regularly conducts workshops for Orthodontists to train them in Lingual Orthodontics.

He is an Expert in Invisible Braces treatment and a certified Doctor for the 'Incognito System, Germany' and 'ClearPath Aligner System'.

He is also the Editor of OnO magazine which is first Orthodontic Lifestyle magazine in India.

In order to keep himself updated with the latest developments in Orthodontics, he has attended various training programs on Lingual Orthodontics from world-renowned orthodontists such as Dr. Didier Fillion (France), Dr. Hee Moon Kyung (Korea), Dr. Rafi Romano (Israel) etc. He has also undergone extensive training for using the modern and highly precise orthodontic instruments such as the Torque Angulation Device and the Bracket Positioning Device from Polydee instruments, Thailand. He has set up his own laboratory – Saffron Precision Orthodontic Laboratory – to make the benefit of these instruments available to fellow orthodontists not only in India but also abroad. Dr Hegde advocates the use of advanced techniques and materials with the dual objectives of increasing patients’ comfort while reducing the treatment time. The aim is to establish comfort, self-esteem and optimal oral health for his patients while creating gorgeous and beautiful smiles !

He is a Life Member of the Indian Orthodontic Society. He is one of the first few Orthodontists who have been trained for the laboratory procedure for indirect bonding of Lingual Brackets using the BEST technique from Thailand. His clinical paper on ‘Churro Jumper – A step closer to the ideal fixed functional appliance’ was well received by seniors and peers alike at the 35th Indian Orthodontic Conference in Jaipur in November 2000. He has won the Best Paper Presentation Award for the clinical category (Trepidations vis-a-vis Lingual Orthodontics) in the 44th Indian Orthodontic Conference held in Delhi in November 2009.

He has conducted 18 workshops on the invisible braces treatment (i.e. the Lingual Orthodontic treatment) in Dharwad (Feb 2008), Mangalore (Sept 2008, Dec 2010, Jan 2012), Lucknow (Nov 2008), Chennai (May 2009, Dec 2011), Coimbatore (Aug 2011), Surat (Sept 2010) and Mumbai (Jan 2009, Apr 2009, Aug2009, Feb 2010, Jun 2010, Jan 2011) and 2 workshops in international locations viz. Bangkok (Dec 2009) & Kuwait (Oct 2010). The workshops have been attended by more than 500 Orthodontic specialists all over India.

He has been Awarded the Priyadarshini Award from the People's Society for the Best Clinical innovations in Orthodontics 2009 in Bangalore. Besides being a successful practitioner, Dr. Hegde also endeavored to launch a campaign, to impart the expertise in the field of lingual orthodontics to make the process of practice a more educative one. Dr Hegde had associated with various Dental colleges and institutions to conduct several seminars and conferences on the subject of Lingual Orthodontics related to deployment of advanced technology in this field.

Having a vision in his mind, Dr. Hegde emphasized the need to redefine the commonly known phrase “Learn while earn” into “Learn while practice”. He is planning congregation of the fellow Orthodontics practitioners at various destinations to afford a platform to air their individual views and experiences.

Dr. Hegde is a firm believer that “health is the most valuable possession” of a human being and to achieve this valuable asset in a lifetime, every bit of contribution from the medical & dental practitioners in this society should come forward. As the good doctor likes to say ‘A smile on the face of the patient is the recognition of successful accomplishment of a doctor’.